Anonymous said : Zack Merrick smut with some fluff? Maybe after a fight or something :) 



Zack Merrick smut with some fluff? Maybe after a fight or something :)

 A/n: Quick and short! Enjoy! xx


I hate fighting with you

You lied in bed with a sour face. You were mad at Zack, really mad. Usually, he’s okay he’ll be fine but something must of really got to him since he practically screamed in your face, of course you were scared and upset since you’ve never seen Zack like this in the whole three years you’ve been together and you decided to make him sleep on the couch. It was late though, maybe one in the morning and you couldn’t sleep, especially your boyfriend was in the living room with a blanket that just covered him. You let out a small groan, having this internal battle with yourself.

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I might not being posting much since I’ll be revising a lot! But when I can I will!


Oli Sykes/Hannah Snowdon
Oli and Hannah adopt Y/N and it’s all happy families. (Requested)

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Anonymous said : Part two of "i dont hate her anymore"? ;)) 


Anonymous said : Please make a second one of Tom Skye's I don't hate her anymore pleeeeaseee? 

you liked it??

Hello :) i dont know if you take requests but if you do, could you do one where (y/n) is dating Tom Sykes (Oli’s brother) and his family don’t like her, especcialy Oli mostly because she’s younger than Tom.

A/n: This is short and really bad. I’ve literally just come out of my writers block and yeah omg enjoy anyway


I don’t hate her anymore.

Tom has no clue why none of his family liked his girlfriend y/n. To Tom, y/n was pretty, funny and not to mention smart. She’s always happy and smiley so why does his family hate her?! Maybe it was because Tom was twenty-two and y/n was nineteen, but it’s only three years difference. Oli and Hannah are four years apart! But Tom wanted his family to like y/n but most of all he wanted Oli to like his girlfriend.

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I’m so happy you guys liked this so much! Hope this doesn’t disappoint! xoxo -Maddie

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Requested: How He Cares For You When You’re Ill


Vic, regardless of being at risk of catching your sickness, would wrap his arms around you and run his touch softly along your arm, palm to palm with you as he laced his fingers with yours, kissing your heated forehead softly when you…