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Requests will be open until tomorrow when I get back from my dads! :-)


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Austin Carlile
Austin tries to reconcile with Y/N. (Requested) (Continuation of ‘Heat of the Moment’)
TW mentions of domestic abuse, TW mentions of sexual abuse

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Anonymous said : Hey, just wanna make sure if you still remember about my Tom Sykes imagine :333 - love from anon ^^ 

Yas! I’ve started it it’s first up! xx

Guys, I forgot to mention requests are open!

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So, I’ll be updating today since I’ll be at my dads and I cannot say if I am! Also, I can’t get into my polyvore so I’m going to make a new one and connect it with my tumblr!


Hey babe ^.^ Can you do a Tyler Carter imagine?! You guys have a fight just before he goes on tour, you guys are out and he acts like he’s embarrassed of you and he snaps at you and says some mean shit and he leaves in the morning without saying bye to you and your stubborn so you won’t text him or call him first so you want for him to call you and idk he flys you out or something because he feels bad. if that makes sense?! Please :3 <3

"What’s the big deal? So I didn’t introduce you to some fans, it’s not the end of the world Y/N," Tyler, your boyfriend of two years, growled in a tired voice, his footsteps dragging behind him as you left the restaurant you had been hauled up in for an hour watching as he enjoyed the scenery of his fans admiring his work. 

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